Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My trip to Florida

Hi again, sorry for not posting. I forgot about the blog for a while.

On Feb. 28 my family (not including my dad) and M's family went to Disney World and Sea World and had the best time ( except for the cold).We first went to Epcot and rode a ride that went in the large golf ball ( or what ever it is) then we rode a Finding Nemo and saw a sea turtle, a dolphin and a tone of other fish. We then rode a ride that went in Epcot's garden and saw a bunch of vegetables, which made us hungry, so we ate. After we got filled up we rode Soarin then we left to a hotel and napped. When we woke up we went back to watch fireworks. On the second day we went to The Magic Kingdom and rode a Winnie the Poo ride and after that we rode Peter Pan and then It's a Small World.

After all that we rode The Haunted Mansion and then Splash Mountain, which made my butt wet . After that we went to Tom Sawyer Island and had a lot of fun. I can not remember what we did in which order but here are some pics.

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